Why the Paddock Club is a must for your F1 experience

Paddock ClubWhen you love motor racing, you will love the thrill of the track and the race, and watching the Formula 1 live will deliver you an experience that you will carry with you for a lifetime. Watching the F1 live is the dream of many, and it can become a reality when you book a travel package to the Formula 1 online today. For the very best race track experience, make sure you include entrances to the Paddock Club in your package; this really will deliver a truly unforgettable experience for you and your party.

It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling to the race as part of a business trip, or if you are attending with a large group or as a couple; for the very best experience, you need to book tickets to the paddock club. Your package to the Grand Prix 2015 will include your flights, accommodation, and transfers, and it will also include the chance to view the race from right above the pit lanes when you book a VIP trip.

Your VIP hospitality package will include everything you need such as helicopter or private jet transfers to and from the race track to entrances to the all important Amber Lounge. Travelling to the Grand Prix should always mean travelling in style, and this means being treated like a king or queen not just for your journey or during your hotel stay but for the whole duration of your trip.

The Paddock Club is situated above the pit lanes, giving you the perfect viewing options from private air conditioned boxes. With a free programme and ear defenders supplied, you can also enjoy a visit down into the pit lanes before the start of the race. Back in your box, you can watch the race from the very best viewing point, soaking up the heat of the race without the heat inside turning up.

As a member of the club you will also be invited to join the stars at the very best after party in the Amber Lounge. The Amber lounge is where you will really get the chance to join the stars, rubbing shoulders not just with the stars of the race track but also with famous singers, musicians, and film stars. This party will carry on until dawn, signalling the end of the Grand Prix, the party being held in the lounge or even onboard super yachts when you choose Monaco as your Grand Prix destination for 2015.

Book your Paddock Club entrances as part of your hospitality when you book your Formula 1 experience online today. Combine all the elements you need for your motor racing experience and create a tailor made package to suit your every need and budget. When you become a member of the most famous motor racing club during your F1 stay, your experience will be one full of excitement, anticipation, and one where you will really live like a star amongst the stars for the duration of your stay.